– Have you read articles about conspiracy theories or watched YouTube content that contains people’s theories about conspiracies from Disney movies? If ever, then you were accidentally taught how to read subliminal massage.

What is Subliminal Massage? in theory it can be interpreted that Subliminal Messages are messages or signals designed to pass under (sub) normal limits (liminal) perception. The point is implied messages whose effects are far greater and are more remembered by the subconscious.

Is the Subliminal Message in advertising or media advertisements both digital and non-digital? the answer is 100% there must be. Because subliminal messages are more easily accepted by others than hard selling.

Then can it be implemented in digital marketing if this subliminal message is one of the attractive elements that must be present in advertising?

Following Subliminal Massage in Digital Marketing Methods

Make interesting games or interactions on social media

subliminal message dalam digital marketing

Implied messages are usually done in quizzes found on social media. Whether it’s the form of quizzes in the form of guessing pictures, polling, or just predictions and others.

There are a lot of implementations. The more interesting mini games that you create or attractive prizes, then the audience will come and do an engagement that is quite unique compared to you just posting info or promos on your social media.

It should be enough to remember that everyone joins social media just for light news. So do not be increasingly offered with various advertisements that are too hard selling

Short but meaningful ad snippet

tebak gambar metode digital marketing

Short films or insurance advertisements from Thailand on YouTube are quite successful in making subliminal messages. Although not all subliminal messages can be directly related.

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Subliminal’s message can be done not only to implicitly promote the brand. But it could also be a way to introduce products and benefits in a subtle and natural way so that it can be remembered by every audience. Examples such as Google search ads below:

Google neatly and naturally looks to bring the audience and lead the opinion that Google can do something that can not be done by other devices for many years before Google.

Utilization of KOL (Key Opinion Leader) or Influencer For Digital Marketing Methods

endorsment, metode digital marketing

Lately, there are many celebgram and YouTubers who can be invited to work together to create content that can convey your marketing. The follower or die hard fans of the Influencers will surely receive a message from the method you are doing.

So basically, subliminal messages are often used in the world of advertising both offline and online. But only the methods of dissemination and creativity from advertisers can make the marketing campaign a success.

The more controversial and talked about, then that is a barometer of advertising success with your subliminal message loaded with success.

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