Sejutakabar– Last Ramadhan we had time to taste the delights of various dishes served by a restaurant. The restaurant is very authentic with Japanese cuisine. Likewise because the owner and also Chef Iseya Robatayaki Restaurant is indeed from the land of Sakura.

Iseya Japanese Robatayaki Restaurant front

This restaurant located in Sampoerna Strategic Square Jakarta is popular with Robatayaki which is served in fine dining by professional chefs.

Iseya Japanese Robatayaki Restaurant front door


The concept of Fine Dining where a Chef shows his skills in processing food live. This restaurant also has 2 private rooms, each with a capacity of up to 20 people (by request) which are often used as meetings for events while enjoying exceptional food.

Iseya Japanese Robatayaki Restaurant buffet

Overall the venue can accommodate around 100 people (standing party). Cozy and elegant impression you can feel when eating food here. No wonder this restaurant is also suitable for those who invite important colleagues, birthday celebrations, private celebrations or special dinners with a partner.

Iseya Japanese Robatayaki Restaurant dinning tabble
Iseya Japanese Robatayaki Restaurant front table


From Of all the restaurants that we have been tried before, according to a historian some of the most delicious Japanese specialties are here. Sharing menus such as sushi, sashimi, robatayaki, tempura, shabu-shabu, kaiseki kyori, soba / udon, tepannyaki, and many more.

The advantage of this restaurant is that you can enjoy food in the form of packages or ala carte where the chef will cook one by one special for you, such as the following foods:

  • Chawanmushi

Japanese food made from a mixture of chicken eggs and dashi (tofu) steamed in a bowl. This food is served with the bowl and eaten as an appetizer.

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Iseya Japanese Robatayaki Restaurant cawan Mushi
  • Sashimi

Sashimi (刺身) is Japanese food in the form of seafood with prime freshness which is directly eaten raw with flavorings such as soy sauce, grated ginger, and wasabi. This salmon sashimi is taken from the best part in a super fresh state. The taste that melts in the mouth really gives a pleasant sensation of surprise on the tongue.

Iseya Japanese Robatayaki Restaurant meet Shushi
Iseya Shusi ©
  • Beef steak Teppan yaki

(鉄板焼き, which means toasted iron plate) is one way to cook Japanese food on an iron plate (teppan). Teppanyaki is served to guests who sit with counter-shaped tables, while iron plates are used by cooks to cook food.

In Iseya Garnish above tepannyaki this is a thin slice of garlic which is flavored and then fried without overcooking. Again, the delicate flavor of the meat, wrapped in a special sauce, makes this tepannyaki the best of anything that has ever been tried before.

Iseya Japanese Robatayaki Restaurant grill meet
  • Sukiyaki

(すき焼き, スキヤキ) is thinly sliced ​​beef, vegetables, and tofu in an iron pot that is cooked on the dining table by boiling. Sukiyaki is eaten by dipping sliced ​​meat into a beaten chicken egg.

Iseya Japanese Robatayaki Restaurant meet
  • Sushi Roll & Oshi Sushi

(鮨, 鮓, or ussually すし, 寿司) is a Japanese food consisting of rice formed with side dishes (neta) in the form of seafood, meat, raw or cooked vegetables. Sushi rice has a soft sour taste because it is seasoned with a mixture of rice vinegar, salt, and sugar.

Iseya Japanese Robatayaki Restaurant sushi
  • Robatayaki

ろばた Is seafood-food originating from the sea. one of which is fish cooked directly on the grill in the robata style before guests and served with a spatula or a long spoon.

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Iseya Japanese Robatayaki Restaurant fish grill
Iseya Japanese Robatayaki Restaurant fish fry
Iseya Japanese Robatayaki Restaurant Tabble                                        /round table corner

Then what about the drinks provided at the restaurant?

there are actually many types of drinks offered on the menu. For more information, you can check on Zomato.☺️✅

Iseya Japanese Robatayaki Restaurant wine
Iseya Japanese Robatayaki Restaurant banner

At the end of the day we came to the conclusion that this restaurant truly exceeds expectations ranging from taste, service to a luxurious feel that is so instagrammable to be enshrined in photos.

Hopefully next time we can visit again here and try another menu that is no less delicious.

Iseya Japanese Robatayaki Restaurant

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